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When you book a cover with Wicked Book Covers, you can be sure you will be getting an original design that will make your book stand out.  

We offer custom and premade covers, as well as illustrative covers.

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Wicked Book Covers offers many premade book covers ranging from traditional stock to exclusive 3D and digitally painted covers in many genres.

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One-of-a-kind custom packages ranging from traditional stock photo compilations to exclusive, custom images and digital painting illustration.  

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Wickedly designed author and blogger branding, bookmarks, teasers, vinyl banners, posters, swag, website design, interior illustration and more.


For anyone who is thinking of self-publishing a book, I want to recommend a graphic designer who made what could have been a daunting process for me enjoyable and stress free. "Confessions of a Serial Songwriter" was picked up by an established publisher but to her credit, Lori Follett's formatting (inside and out) went along with it. There are many self-publishing companies who offer a variety of services. I can't imagine anyone would have a better work ethic than Lori.

Shelly Peiken, Grammy Nominated #1 Songwriter and Author of "Confessions of a Serial Songwriter"

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Once Upon a Book Signing Author Giveaway

Once Upon a Book Signing Author Giveaway

HELLO AUTHORS OFONCE UPON A BOOK 2017! While you're here, please check out my website to see my currently available premade book covers and read...
WIP:  Girl in Water

WIP: Girl in Water

I'm working on a new character for a premade cover.  This one will be entirely done in 3D and postwork painting.  This was primarily done to study ...
Crimson Cove Mysteries Covers

Crimson Cove Mysteries Covers

These were commissioned based on a premade cover.  Still one my favorites!